Dozens killed as Nigeria boat sinks
5 May 2015

A boat has sunk on the River Niger in central Nigeria, leaving at least 42 people dead, officials say.

Rescue teams are searching for a further 100 people reported missing.

Officials say the boat, which capsized on Friday evening, may have been overloaded, carrying twice the number of passengers allowed.

Mohammed Shaba, head of the Niger State Emergency Management Agency, told AFP that the boat “split” in two after setting off from Malilli village.


Mr Shaba told the agency that it was the worst accident to hit the state in recent years.

“We are going to learn a lesson from this,” he said.

He claimed that the boat was carrying too many traders and their goods after leaving a market in Malilli.

The state official told the agency that high waters on the river could also have contributed to the accident.


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